2022 Nucleus Hives


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We are now taking orders for nucs available in Spring 2022

A nucleus colony or (nuc) is the core of a bee colony which consists of a mated queen and 4-5 frames of bees and brood of all ages. They are used by many beekeepers as a starting point for production colonies.  

Our nucs will be available for PICK UP ONLY beginning in April 2022 through the end of May. Orders will be filled in the order which they are received. We will contact you at least one week in advance when your order becomes available. If you prefer a late season pick up date, please send us a note when you place your order. 


Our Nuc boxes are made of cardboard or plastic and designed for temporary transport of frames, bees, and brood until they can be transferred into your hive body.

We work very hard to maintain our schedule, but production of bees and queens can be hindered by weather and/or other conditions beyond our control. In worse case situations, pick up dates may be delayed but we will give you as much notice as possible if there are any changes to our schedule.